• Profitability

    How do we scale up revenue, optimise cost and leverage balance sheet with right debt / equity structure?
  • Performance

    How do we monitor operations, finance & marketing at periodical interval with right MIS for corrective action by deploying best of IT automation tools?
  • Growth

    In a given financial & economic condition, how do we bring the best of return to all business stakeholders?
  • Strategy

    Is business being ready with strategy to grow inorganically or with organic ways based on current finance & business integration?

Tx = Transaction Assurance, Processes, Controls and Automation

  • Integrated controls & processes led financial & management accounting framework by mapping Business Unit/Support functions

  • Automation by adopting various IT Tools ( including Integrating Operations & Financial systems) to enable timely, reliable & accurate business closing results & quality score keeping

  • Working with in-house team or partners on benchmarked SOP with processes to ensure guided financial controls & managing Cost of finance function (COFF) under check

  • Creating finance organisation as centre of excellence and as a key "business driver" with emphasis on people connect across other cross-functional team members & business owner

Score Keeping How to make robust periodical closing
Hygienic Accounting How to address accounting norms
Orderly Controls How to safeguard margins efficiency
Enabling Processes How to scale the orderly growth
Seamless Automation How to address data redundancy