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We integrate business & finance in line with "Change Management" practices

Complete Finance Outsourcing powered by our Partnership on Technology with Tally Business Back-Office products for streamline compliance, reporting and seamless integration of data with other systems for score-keeping with rich Tally functionalities covered with customisation tools as/when require + Competency of our partners/team on Accounting, Finance domain @ IxCFO with measurable impact to navigate finance in orderly manner with business growth. We use Tally extensively in our current mandates and having done 100+ CFO Services mandates in last 6 years with rich network of host of financial intermediaries to offer traditional & strategic CFO/Controllership role with end to end outsourcing.

We use Tally extensively in our current mandates and having done 100+ CFO Services mandates in last 6 years with rich network of host of financial intermediaries to offer traditional & strategic CFO/Controllership role with end to end outsourcing.

Tally Software

For large and small businesses looking for efficient functions to transform their business, Tally Server 9 is a must have. It allows multiple users to perform varied functions simultaneously. Its ease of use makes it a much sought after product to enable parallel, quick and protected access to data across a single platform for multiple operations in a business.

Tally Server 9 provides greater control and power to users to transform peer-to-peer access to a server managed access point. There is a high degree of scalability that is very efficient to access or modify data when working through this platform. The access to each single user is provided in individual snapshots thus allowing multiple users to perform operations seamlessly.

Data consistency and integrity are maintained when there is intensive use in a single business environment. With this server dedicated operations management, new users can continually be added to the network without affecting the work or blocking user access to tasks being done. The end-result is complete efficiency and optimization of the business processes.

Tally Server 9 price makes it a more attractive proposition since it saves investment in computer hardware server with high configuration. Call us for Tally server 9 price.

Concurrent access

Concurrent operations management is a very useful feature for medium and large business enterprises. Thus, there is optimized time utilization for multiple users working in the single server.

Data protection

When working on Tally server 9, data file locations remain protected. Operations like backup, data restoration etc., remain protected and controlled with separate permissions to access these functionalities.

High operational efficiency

Maintenance operations for the software and backup are done at late hours or odd hours allowing users to work uninterruptedly during peak business hours.

Optimized business functions

Optimize business functions with access controls, tracking facilities, user login data etc. Users can identify issues such as man hours necessary for business functions and further optimize the software to make the process quicker.

Tally Server 9 Price

Call us for Tally Server 9 Price Benefit Analysis

Tally Products

Tally Software

A business software ideally suited for SMEs covering Trading, distribution, Manufacturing & Service Industries. Major Modules – Financial Accounting & management, Banking, Inventory management, Payroll & Statutory.

Tally Server 9

For Medium & large organisations looking for efficient functioning, Tally Server 9 is a must have. Its power enables concurrent, protected access to data across single platform – multiple operations .

Tally ERP 9 Auditors Edition

An Auditing software tool exclusively for Chartered Accountants. Now provide tax compliance and Audit services from comfort of your office. CA's can increase their service portfolio & hence business.

Tally.NET Subscription

A service within Tally ERP 9 which provides product updates, data synchronization across different locations, remote access and various more functionalities to help you enhance your business performance.

Tally Services

Tally Support – Onsite & Remote

Tally Installation & implementation, Data synchronisation, Data Migration or Splitting, Training or incidental support..You can count on us. Our engineer can attend queries onsite or remotely.

Tally AMC / Annual Support Cover

A business continuity program for your organisation from a team who knows Tally Best. You do your business peacefully while we take care of your software. Select a plan suitable to you.

Tally Data Synchronization

Decide on architecture Type : Centralized / Decentralized / Hybrid, we will set it up for your Multi Location Organization. Sync Data periodically or directly enter data into Central Tally Server.

Tally ERP 9 Training

Corporate training programs for your staff to ensure use of Tally.ERP 9 to the fullest. A basket of training modules to choose from depending on your need & profile of the team.

Priority Tally ERP 9 Support Services

Get an Instant support from an expert over phone or Internet may be related to data splitting over year end, data migration to new release, simple Tally configuration etc.

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