• Profitability

    How do we scale up revenue, optimise cost and leverage banace sheet with right debt / equity structure?
  • Performance

    How do we monitor operations, finace & marketing at periodical interval with right MIS for corrective action by deploying best of IT automation tools?
  • Growth

    In a given financial & economic condition, how do we bring the best of return to all business stakeholders?
  • Strategy

    Is business being ready with strategy to grow inoragnically or with organic ways based on current finance & business integration?

Ix = Inorganic & Organic Growth Xecution

Working out strategic avenues and framework by understanding growth drivers to business as a CFO & executing followings -

  • M&A assistance

  • Funding mix optimisation

  • Capital efficiency structuring

  • Strategic Investments (e.g. Private Equity/VC )

  • JV Partner induction /Sourcing advisory

  • Corporate restructuring/Turnaround

Sustaining Business Model How to integrate business & finance strategically
Tuning Business Structuring How to collaborate in borderless world
Product Performance How to position core design & solution play
Services Channels How to address disruption in market forces
Branding Story How to sustain quality & communication clarity